Wednesday afternoon, fun activities are available for children of 4-6 years. This allows them to decompress and take a break in the week through various workshops.

Museum visits, shows, movies, bowling, outings in nature, etc.

They allow children to:
  • Discover their surroundings (forest, museum, and park)
  • Generate interest in the performing arts
  • Respect the rules of living together outside the structure (traffic, behavior)

Gardening – From seed to plate

The child observes the seasons, nature (planting in February/March, planting in the ground in our garden, watering and harvesting, etc.)

He or she learns to be careful, to handle carefully, to protect.

Board games

Allow children to:
  • Mercredi 3Play with each other, using an adult as arbitrator
  • Follow rules
  • Discover new games
  • Address the concepts of mathematics (Triominoes, dice games, etc.) or reading (Scrabble) in a playful angle

Board games promote body language (mime) and develop memory (Memory, Chicken Cha Cha Cha, etc.).


The kitchen allows you to:
  • Follow a recipe step by step, in accordance with an order
  • Measure quantities
  • Promote motor development (mixing, kneading, breaking eggs)
  • Observe transformations (liquid – whipped cream etc.)
  • Share and enjoy a meal together
  • Discover new flavors

Arts / Do-It-Yourself

This is the time to:
  • Discover new techniques
  • Give free rein to imagination
  • Be free in creation
  • Recycle objects
  • Manipulate objects and various materials
  • Stimulate creativity

Mercredi 1

What do the children think about it?

Ismael: “I loved going to the zoological museum: we even saw a whale jaw.”

Raphael: “I loved going to the cinema because it was with my friends.”

Gibril: “I like to win games. It’s great because we learn a lot of new games.”

Clement: “I loved making pizza, especially eating it!”