Educational Project


It is a common goal chosen by all the staff to welcome the child in better conditions and meet his/her needs. The educational project must be a guiding principle throughout the year, around which various activities are developped.


To promote the care of the child and his/her personal development in a collective structure.


To achieve this project, we will develop the following aspects in the children:

  • confidence to assert themselves and discover their abilities
  • socialisation: respect of the group life and the other, help each other
  • opening of the child to his/her environment and to other cultures
  • awakening to other means of expression
a) The structure and living spaces:

Our structure currently has 72 children, supervised by a teaching staff of 11 people by which they can blossom in better conditions.

To do this, diverse means of actions are implemented. The place of living is set depending on the child’s age:

Children aged 2 to 3

  • Reception of a small group (maximum 17 children)
  • Gentle discovery of collective life’s rules, while respecting the physiological needs of the children and their maturity
  • Permanent and customized points of reference that allow the child to get the most out of his/her day in the structure
  • Creation of activities that allow the children to develop their intellectual and motor skills (learning games, art, baby gym workshop)

Children aged 3 to 4

  • Group of 25 children
  • Creation of facilitated workshops allowing the child to acquire intellectual and motor skills
  • Free play time promoting expression and verbal exchanges
  • Establishment of rituals and rules of group living for the evolution and the development of the child in a safe environment

Children aged 4 to 6

  • Group of 30 children divided into two groups: children in the 4-5 years group and children in the 5-6 years group, in order to respect the abilities and needs of learning and knowledge of these two groups
  • Collective activities offered to all the group in order to enable the exchange, the respect and the discovery of the other (language time, free games, artistic expression)
  • More specific activities proposed to each group according to the mental and motor skills of the children (drawing style, pre-math, pre-reading)
  • Preparation for the equivalent of first grade, called « CP », for the older children (5-6 years) in the afternoon
  • Exchange project with kindergarten (correspondence)
b) Workshops

See >>> here <<<

c) The mini-library

See >>> here <<<


The Kindergarten wanted to establish this educational project to ensure firstly coherence and coordination in the education of your children, and secondly, to allow you, the parents, to have an overview of the type of activities we propose and more specifically their goals. We also wanted to insert new ideas that will be for us a perspective to achieve.

We hope that this project is somehow a reflection of the personality and character of our Kindergarten and the whole team.